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  • Freedom Partners of South Florida
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  • Last modified: October 22, 2014
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Understanding how difficult it can be to get answers (and the importance of securing those answers in a timely manner), Freedom Partners has made a focus to simplify the transition process of living independently to retirement living.

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  1. Jason5 says:

    Overall this company was fantastic. They really helped me and my family.

  2. Peter Rosenberg5 says:

    The compassion of the Freedom Partners team through a very challenging time of my family’s life was invaluable! There knowledge, efficiency and guidance was far greater than I ever expected. Initially, I was hesitant about paying for a service I know I was able to get for free elsewhere. Now I know what I was paying for… in this case we received much more than what we paid for I feel! THANK YOU FREEDOM PARTNERS!!!

  3. Lindsey Harris says:

    Eric and his staff are professional, competent and knowledgeable about the needs of senior people, especially my parents. whenever I had a question that I needed answered regardless of what it was for, Eric and his staff helped me totally. I recommend them for any family with senior members who need to navigate through the portals of federal and municipal governments, Medicare and other medical insurance and the care and treatment of seniors. knowing them has changed my family’s lives. Thank you very much.

    • sandee5 says:

      My phone calls and questions are always answered in a timely manner. I was experiencing a lot of stress in dealing with many issues with my mom .
      Freedom Partners helped me so much to feel confident and to know that there were many different programs for assistance available .

  4. Karen Stapleton says:

    Freedom Partners has helped so much with not only my needs but also another family member who was in desperate need of help, hope and guidance. Thank-you so much for your compassion and knowledge in everything you do!

  5. Roberl Lazarus5 says:

    This company is absolutely outstanding. Eric & all of his people showed a great deal of knowledge, compassion and a strong desire to do what it takes to help me. They had a significant positive impact on my life which I will never forget. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

  6. Dale Chasteen5 says:

    Everyone at Freedom Partners was knowledgeable, responsive and an absolute delight to work with. I am sure we could not have navigated the VA process for my Mom without their expert assistance. I highly recommend them if you have to file for Veterans Benefits.

  7. Gilbet Stockton says:

    28 days from start to finish – doesn’t get much better than that. My mother and I are vey grateful and highly recommend Freedom Partners of South Florida. A job well done!

  8. Eric Gast5 says:

    We had doubts but decided to trust Freedom Partners and thank God we did. My Father a Korean Vet was struggling to make ends meet as and needed home assistance for himself and my mother. With the help of this organization, my father will start to receive much needed funds that will change his life going forward, he’ll now have the money to afford home help on a consistent basis. We had no chance getting this done on our own, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK for providing this service and supporting the Vets that are in need.

  9. Barbara says:

    They guided me thru every stage, even getting the discharge papers that had been in a fire in 1965. It only took about 30 days for it all and the back-dated monies were deposited the next month. WOW! Thank you.

  10. Laura Gilbert says:

    At a most challenging time for our family, Freedom Partners provided top-notch expertise helping secure much needed VA benefits for my elderly Mother. Thanks to Freedom Partners’ wonderful staff, detailed paperwork was completed and submitted correctly the first time avoiding delays. My phone calls and emails were always handled in a professional and friendly manner by Freedom Partners’ extremely competent staff. Many months after completing the process I had some new questions, Eric was readily available and told me he considered this additional support to be part of the service he agreed to provide. What a fabulous group of people! Freedom Partners exceeded my expectations for excellence and I highly recommend their services.

  11. Fredda Tice says:

    Eric and his company were an absolute life saver! My siblings and I all lived out of state and Eric was a huge help. I do not know how we would have planned for my father’s care and financial needs without his help. He went above and beyond what we had hoped he could do for our family. My father was a challenging man to work with and Eric was also calm and extremely patient with him. I would absolutely recommend him and his company , they are outstanding!

  12. Ellen L. Guardiano5 says:

    Eric and his team delivered, as promised.

    Outstanding service; I heartily and highly recommend Freedom Partners of South Florida!

  13. Helene and Ronald Phillips says:

    Thank you Eric Weitkamp and associates! You came to our rescue when it came time to place our dad in an Assisted Living facility. Your team was with us every step of the way. It was a pleasure to work with you. We appreciate your sincerity, honesty, and integrity. Your valuable suggestions on how to navigate through the world of Assisted Livings/Nursing Homes were priceless. Thank you.
    Helene and Ronald Phillips

  14. Bill Carey5 says:

    I am a Certified Financial Planner and even I was overwhelmed by the obstacle course that each of us are presented with when attempting to do this type of planning for a loved one. My thanks to Eric and his staff and especially Renee in all the help, hand holding, and assistance given to me over the last 6 months!

  15. Steve Levine5 says:

    When my independent 90 year old mother fell and broke her hip, I was immediately thrown into the role of caregiver and decision maker. While no stranger to hard work, the amount of information needed to make intelligent decisions was truly overwhelming. Private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, veterans benefits, rehabs, home care, independent living, assisted living, all the forms, all the processes, where does one start?
    Fortunately, two friends recommended Eric Weitkamp and Freedom Partners of South Florida to me. After meeting with Eric, I felt confident that he knew what he was talking about, trusted his recommendations, and the albatross of worry was lifted from my shoulders.
    I worked closely with a key member of his team, Renee Caruso-Irizarry, providing her with all the documentation, facts, and figures she needed to initiate and file the appropriate papers on our behalf. Renee is a saint! She has all the patience in the world, is extremely supportive, knows her stuff, and is extremely attentive to detail and accuracy. If only he could, I bet Eric wishes he could clone her.
    I will forever be grateful to Renee and Eric. They helped me through a very difficult time. Like it says on their website, “You’ll Wish You Would Have Found Us Sooner!”

  16. Mike Generallo5 says:

    my father in law now lives in assisted living and is a Korean War veteran. He has been sick for a while and needed help with daily living needs. As well, he was running out of money for his assisted living. We worked with Sarah, Becca, and Eric and all gave freely of their time and their advice was always spot on. We could have done the work by ourselves, but reports of how the VA can be frustrating led us to Freedom Partners. Trust me, they are professional and knew what to do and when to do it. Their advice and guidance went way beyond helping us with the VA benefit and was well worth the cost. You will be well served if you choose Freedom Partners and both my wife and I are sure glad we did. Thank you Sarah, Becca and Eric, I will be sure to tell others about you.

  17. Diane says:

    I am very satisfied with the service that Eric and his team provided me in securing Medicaid for my father. They led me through all the requirements, checked everything, submitted the application, and connected with the nursing home on my father’s behalf while the application was pending. They made valuable suggestions and recommendations that allowed to me ensure that what little funds my father had were used in his best interest. Medicaid was approved, and my father is safe and secure in an excellent facility.

  18. Karen says:

    Thank you for all of your help in the past few years, on both the Medicaid and Veterans application.
    Yours is a great service worth every penny and as you know I have already and will continue to recommend you to friends and family as needed

    With much appreciation, Karen Beck Langweber

  19. Tom says:

    Eric, Becca and Staff,

    Just wanted to thank all for you for your hard work on my claim. You were all so nice, helpful and professional, it seems like you have a great team and I wish you all the best. Once again thank you, keep helping the Vets, where would we be without them?

  20. Kathy5 says:

    Dear Eric,

    Please know how appreciative I am of the loving care that you and your wonderful staff are providing for Monika. Knowing that she is in such capable and caring hands, especially during the time of this heartbreaking injury, when I can’t be there, has eased my heart and is giving me peace of mind. Freedom Partners has become “Freedom Family”

  21. Susan B. says:

    When the time comes that your Parent become depended on you for your assistance with their doctor appointments, financial guidance and other day to day tasks you realize time is more important than money. I found that it was well worth hiring Freedom Partners of South Florida (FPSF) to handle the processing of the paperwork for my Mom to become enrolled and accepted into the State Assistance Program, Medicaid. The rate was reasonable and well worth having a well-oiled team of professionals backing you through this timely process. I’m a very happy client.

  22. Richard says:

    I don’t know how my experience could have been better.
    After a number of major illnesses, I’ve been taking care of both my father and mother who are both well into their 80’s. Dad no longer has the use of his left extremities and happens to be a Veteran. Mom has unfortunately stated showing clear signs of Alzheimer’s. Since both of my parents are unable to, I make time to take care of all their bills, finances shopping and much more. A number of people suggested applying for my father’s VA Benifits. I considered starting the application process. At that time, a nurse who had been assisting with my father’s home care mentioned a company called Freedom Partners. She told me that she used their services, and how Freedom Partners advocated for her family member.

    While I really don’t want to sound as though I am doing a commercial for Freedom Partners, I DO want people to know how easy they made the whole process. With all I am trying to do for my parents, I really didn’t have the time to give to the long tedious process of making sure you have all the correct forms (of which there are so many) and filling them all out, always wondering if you answered everything correctly. After initially considering to try and apply on my own, I made one of my smartest decisions. I decided to follow that nurses recommendation and call Freedom Partners. From the start, they were very open and honest with me. They told me that they would be right there for me every step of the way, and they were. While there will be some forms that you will need to fill out, they offered unbelievable assistance. They called to schedule phone meetings when they would go over all sections of the application. This resulted in a very limited amount of stress and frustration. It also assisted in getting the full amount of VA Benefits which we were entitled to. Without mentioning any numbers, they charged a very reasonable fee for their consulting and advocacy services. More importantly, I could almost guarantee that without the help of Freedom Partners, I most assuredly would have answered certain key questions incorrectly which could have very well affected the financial outcome of my father’s benefit amount. In addition, they are aware of certain dos and don’ts that most probably assisted in receiving benefits sooner rather than later. I know that they have other services besides VA Benefit application. But I would use them again for anything that they handle in a heart beat. Everyone that I worked with and spoke with at Freedom Partners was unbelievably professional but human. Take my advise and don’t go it alone. If you have nothing to do with you time and aren’t concerned about the outcome than give it a try. (You’d be foolish – but give it a try) But if you have a busy schedule and are concerned about your time and the financial outcome – I would call Freedom Partners of South Florida. Although they are located in Florida, they help people all over the country as far as I know. I reside in New York and they did a great Job for my father. Thanks again Becca!

  23. Randy Rubinstein5 says:

    This company did a fantastic job helping us get VA benefits. It took only 47 days with coaching.

  24. Al Mincarelli5 says:

    Freedom Partners walked us through the complex process of filing VA benefits for my Mom. They couldn’t have been more professional, knowledgeable and NICE. I really, really wish I would have contacted them sooner. Mom received her benefits, badly needed aid and assistance as mom is now in a senior living facility…I would gladly recommend Freedom Partners to my relatives and friends.

  25. Fran Smith says:

    My family has had the pleasure to work with this organization for over a year now, and it is rare to find the combination of professionalism, experience, communication skills, follow-through and compassion as that shown by Becca and Gaye. We had tried to go it alone years ago and wade through the almost insurmountable amount of “government is here to help you” organizations with limited success, and Freedom Partners was the answer to our prayers for the help we needed for mom. I support what other families are saying…do not try to do this alone. You will be more successful in helping your loved one, family member, or yourself, with Freedom Partners direction and help!

  26. Wayne Bell says:

    Eric and his staff were phenomenal. They helped tremendously in achieving help for my parents. I highly recommend this company for you elderly care needs or help with your V. A. needs.

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